Discover how EclecticIQ Platform and MISP go together
2019-10-21, 16:00–16:20, Hollenfels

During this presentation EclecticIQ's Aleksander Mancic and Peter Ferguson will demonstrate how EclecticIQ Platform integrates with MISP. Attend and learn how:
* EclecticIQ Platform customers can be part of the MISP community * MISP intelligence can be made more actionable with EclecticIQ Platform * Both MISP communities and EclecticIQ Platform customers can share intelligence with even more systems

EclecticIQ Platform is the analyst-centric Threat Intelligence Platform that integrates seamlessly with the world’s leading intelligence and technology providers, such as MISP.

Be part of the MISP community

EclecticIQ Platform customers get access to a unique source of threat intelligence that helps them build a better understanding of their own threat landscape. And they can give back to the MISP community directly from EclecticIQ Platform.

Make MISP intelligence more actionable

MISP communities can harness the advanced structuring capabilities of EclecticIQ Platform, turning their Indicators of Compromise centric data into intelligence that can be acted upon.

Share intelligence with even more systems

Thanks to this integration both Platform customers and MISP communities can exchange intelligence with even more tools and systems by leveraging each other’s supplementary network of integrations.