Visualizing MISP and ATT&CK data in Maltego
2019-10-21, 13:00–13:20, Hollenfels

An introduction about data visualisation using the MISP-maltego transform.

Thanks to the MISP Galaxies and the MISP software we have a massive amount of information at our disposal.
The question is: what now?
One of the ways is to use the open source MISP-maltego transform we can visualize all this in a very dynamic way, while also using the power Maltego gives by querying other data sources.
The presentation will introduce how to install the transform, and will then approach the story using different use-cases: i) from IOCs to context, ii) from ATT&CK technique to MISP data, iii) finding common attack patterns between actors using ATT&CK visualisation.