Leandro Velasco

Leandro Velasco (@LeandroNVelasco), has over 5 years of experience in IT security. He began his career as a security specialist managing SIEM systems and endpoint security products. In his current role, as a member of the security research team at KPN Security, he analyses threats and designs detection or mitigation solutions. After graduating from the OS3(SNE) master, he received the GIAC (SANS) GREM certificate and is currently preparing OSCP. Leandro has spoken at DEFCON 26 Blue Team Village and HackTalk 15.


Threat Intelligence Contextualized Knowledge base

This talk describes our idea of a platform for handling threat intelligence from source to end user. This consist not only of actionable IOC's but also offensive knowledge and detection rules. In order to implement this idea, MISP is used as the central database for storing, exporting and querying the data.