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MISP Project - One year of improvements (MISP Project)
A preliminary user experience evaluation of MISP (Work in Progress) (Borce Stojkovski)
MISP sync process (or How to make MISP sync 500x faster) (Richard van den Berg)
Scaling Sighting (Sebastien Tricaud)
A Content-Based Recommendation System for Indicators of Compromise Life Cycle (Rocco Di Domenico)
...And performance for All (Andrea Garavaglia)
Modeling adversary actions and defense with MISP (m3c4n1sm0, ONE)
Visualizing MISP and ATT&CK data in Maltego (Christophe Vandeplas)
The new indicator scoring method introduced in MISP 2.4.116 (Sami Mokaddem)
Dr. StrangeSTIX or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MISP (Trey Darley)
ElastiMISPStash - Threat data enrichment for the masses! (David Thejl-Clayton)
DGA-Detect: Using Machine Learning for Collaborative DGA Detection (Tammo Krueger)
Utilizing MISP into your Incident reponse plan (Dennis Rand)
WHIDS integration with MISP (Quentin JEROME)
Discover how EclecticIQ Platform and MISP go together (Aleksandar Mancic, Peter Ferguson)
TheHive 4 and MISP: What's new? (Jérôme Leonard)
Threat Intelligence Contextualized Knowledge base (Jeroen Klaver, Leandro Velasco)
Introducing HAMISPA - High Availability MISP in AWS (Tiago Faria)
MISP Project future (MISP Project)