Virtual MISP Summit 0x06

Alexandre Dulaunoy

Enjoy when humans are using machines in unexpected ways.
I break stuff and I do stuff.

  • Improving DFIR analysis with hashlookup - MISP module integration
Andras Iklody
  • MISP - What happened the past year? and what's next
  • Cerebrate v1.0 - the open source orchestrator for security tools


  • Curating CTI for an MDR service
Bruno Guerreiro

Information security executive with 15 years of experience in CyberSecurity, Incident Response and Security Operations. Husband, father and NERD.

  • OpenCTI.BR: MISP as Country-Wide Communitary Threat Intelligence Database
  • MISP for Multi-Tenancy SOC Operations
Christian Studer
  • MISP-STIX project
David Thejl-Clayton

Boom boom shacka lack

  • MISPing up the pyramid of pain
Eireann Leverett

I'm not old enough to have a biography written about me yet, but thanks for asking!

  • MISP for pre-incident baselines
Ivo de Carvalho Peixinho, Rodrigo Alves de Carvalho

Police Office / Computer Forensics Expert at the Brazilian Federal Police. Head of the High Tech Crime Unit.

  • MISP on Law Enforcement for organizing cybercrime information
Jason Zhang

Jason Zhang is a Senior MTS at the Threat Intelligence Team, VMware NSBU. As a highly motivated cyber threat researcher and a proven product and technology pioneer, Jason has a wealth of experience in technology and product R&D. Prior to joining VMware, Jason worked at Lastline, Sophos, and Symantec specialising in cutting-edge research and automation in threat detection. Jason is a regular speaker at leading technical conferences including Black Hat, Virus Bulletin, and InfoSec. Jason earned his Ph.D. in Signal Processing from King's College London & Cardiff University in the UK.

  • MISP Integration with NSX Advanced Threat Analyzer
JJ Josing

JJ Josing is a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at the Retail & Hospitality ISAC. He has three years of experience in information security, with the last two in threat intelligence. He enjoys designing networks, automating tools and breaking all the things. More recently, he has been especially passionate about using python to automate all of the repetitive, tedious and time-consuming tasks he faces in his day-to-day work.

  • Enable and Enhance Threat Intel Capabilities for Your Sharing Community
Koen Van Impe




  • Curating CTI for an MDR service
Matthew Gracie and Wes Lambert

Matthew Gracie has over a decade of experience in information security, working to defend networks in higher education, manufacturing, and financial services. He is currently a Senior Engineer at Security Onion Solutions and the founder of the Infosec 716 monthly meetup. Matt enjoys good beer, mountain bikes, Debian-based Linux distributions, and college hockey, and can be found on Twitter as @InfosecGoon.

Wes Lambert (@therealwlambert) is a Principal Engineer at Security Onion Solutions, where he helps companies to implement enterprise security monitoring solutions and better understand their computer networks. He is a huge fan of open-source software projects, and loves to solve problems and enhance organizational security using completely free and easily deployable tools.

  • Integrating MISP with Velociraptor
  • Integrating MISP with Security Onion
Quentin JEROME

Being an Incident Response consultant since several years now. I love developing tools to make my job easier and more efficient and I try to Open Source as much as I can.

  • MISP + WHIDS = <3
Raphaƫl Vinot

I develop open source software. Quite a few.

  • MISP integration in Lookyloo
Sebastiano Mariani

Sebastiano Mariani is a Threat Research at VMWare, where he recently joined. Prior to that, he worked as a researcher in Seclab at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

His main interests are malware analysis and reverse engineering but he also enjoys building network infrastructures and tools to aid security researchers in their daily tasks.
He also enjoys participating and hosting capture the flag competition with the Shellphish team with whom he participated in DEFCON finals for several years.

  • MISP Integration with NSX Advanced Threat Analyzer
Sebastien Tricaud

Programmer. I contributed to cve-search, once!

  • Getting a pcap from a MISP event
Stefano Ortolani
  • MISP Integration with NSX Advanced Threat Analyzer