Snarf it! Firmware extraction and analysis with open source tools.
2019-10-24, 10:30–12:00, Hollenfels

At the core of every IoT device is its firmware. Detailed security assessment of devices starts with obtaining a copy of the firmware. The firmware can then be statically analysed or dynamically. Several techniques exist for firmware extraction.
This workshop takes participants through a low level firmware extraction process which is easy to perform and doesn’t require expensive hardware.

We shall present how do it using a cheap USB to serial adapter.
The workshop will be going through the process with the following steps :
1. Examining the hardware and find a serial port
2. If there is not serial port available, chase the working combinaison of pins to reveal
the serial port
3. Setting up of your minicom working environment
4. Extracting the firmware
5. Analyze

Being a professional analyst and linguist, hardware hacking is a way to escape and
investigate low level stuff.