»Neuro-Hacking (The science behind social engineering and an effective security culture)«
2018-10-16, 14:15–15:00, Europe

Performing social engineering without understanding how the brain works is like using nmap without any knowledge of the TCPI/IP stack. It’s ok for script kiddies, not really for security professionals. After decades of dubious psychoanalytical theories, neuro-cognitive sciences bring us sounds and evidences-based theories explaining how (part of) the brain works and what are his flaws. How do we exploit these flaws, how can we fix them? How does the dark side use this knowledge and how can the light side use it to develop an effective security culture? Bring your brain with you and prepare it to download and install the new API’s spec to the 21st century human being.

The content will cover a brief history of psychological sciences, the science of decision (including Khanman & Travsky nobel prize winning theory), Relational Frame Theory (the 3rd wave theory explaining how our behaviours are shaped by the context), some neurolinguistics, social sciences, neuro-cognitive hypnotherapy sciences, the link between emotions and decisions, memories, attitude. Emmanuel will also cover some of the cognitive biases that influence our lives and our decisions. Finally, we’ll address the need for a meaning in our lives and how it affects our decisions. The presentation will be a continuous round trip between didactical theory explanation, experimental results and real-life application in the field of security.