»Hacking mobile data and phone calls (limited seats ~25)«
2018-10-16, 13:30–17:30, Hollenfels

An introductory workshop to get an overview of security in telecommunication. We will be performing man in the middle attacks on mobile data as well as phone calls. We will cover the basics of building a fake base station (in 2G), playing with SIM cards in retrieving/programming session keys. We will also look into VoLTE (4G) security.

The workshop is intended to give an overview of different approaches in telecommunication security. This is intended for beginners without any prior knowledge in the field. You will learn to make a simple fake base station setup to perform man in the middle for mobile data traffic (GPRS). You will also learn to program SIM cards and also extract session information from the SIM cards. Apart from that, we will also look into VoLTE (voice over LTE) specific attack vectors. The main challenge we will have is limited hardware for everyone, so the workshop will be done in groups if there are a lot of attendees. The attendees are encouraged to bring a rooted android phone with VoLTE support (I have tested with Samsung S6/S7). If you have SIM cards with VoLTE (sometimes called HD calling, or 4G call) support, bring that too.