»Cl4ndestina: privacy by default with a feminist perspective from the Global South«
2018-10-17, 10:50–11:10, Europe

We are a group of hack-feminists working with technology in the Global South: creating own our servers, theories, futurisms, experiments and learning together. In our talk we will presenting our projects, whys and hows we are building a feminist internet to ending the gender-based violence against women, and also to have fun together!

In this session we will talk about the risks and treats to our safety and privacy as a women and non-conforming gender on the internet and how we deal with it in our region. We will also presenting some projects about internet infrastructure and how this became an awesome wave of feminist servers in the region. All of them working with subjects as privacy, security and freedom of expression to ending the gender-based violence against women.

Cl4ndestina is a Brazilian feminist server. We currently host websites from feminist projects and collectives based in Latin America.