»MONARC hands-on with a case study«
2018-10-17, 09:30–11:30, Vianden - Wiltz

In this workshop, we will take a use case of a more technical nature and show the audience how a risk analysis is done while focusing on the topics of optimisation and sharing.

Starting by giving a short introduction of the four phases of MONARC (on a live demo server) we follow up, by splitting the group into 2-4 groups (depending on the audience).

Each group receives then a part of the analysis to evaluate - help is always there for support and guidance. Once the evaluation of each of the groups is done and the creation of assets and risks is complete, we combine the risk analysis to get a final report with a completed,combined analysis.

This allows everyone to get a hands-on with the MONARC tool, and the particular contributions to the community.