»Mind the (Air)Gap«
2018-10-18, 09:30–10:15, Europe

Breaking air-gaps makes researchers become more creative. So we got creative. We will explain the issues of exfiltrating sensitive data from sensitive air-gapped systems and demo exfiltration of such data by abusing vulnerable IoT objects and Android's vulnerable NFC design.

For sensitive and highly secured systems, even just being connected is considered an unacceptable risk. For these, to keep a high protection against data leaks, an air-gap is necessary. As technology changes and advances, attack surfaces grow, and these air-gaps get harder to maintain. Today we show new ways of breaking air-gaps and exfiltrating sensitive data. from taking advantage of vulnerable IoT devices in the room to abusing Google’s Android vulnerable NFC design. We will cover the basics of air-gap, mention past research, show and discuss our findings and move to PoC live demos of air-gap breaking.