Hack lu 2020 CfP

Submit a proposal, get published in a book

Due to the current situation, and as it is extremely unlikely there will be a vaccine, or a cure, to coronavirus before 2021, we decided to come with another plan for the conference.

By October, if you're into watching videos of conference talks, you will have seen dozens of them, and we bet that you'll be over it.

Let us explain what we have in mind, but first, some context: even if there are many infosec conferences every year, the research topics are too often one-shot efforts, with almost no follow up on the long term. One of the reasons is that we're pretty bad at keeping track of it in the community. In the industry, research papers are pretty much the exception, and when there is one, it tends to be dry. It is often also hard to find them behind paywalls, and to use them as reference.

That’s why we decided to do the CfP in a different way this time...