The Blackhoodie conference is back!

Blackhoodie is a women-only Reverse Engineering bootcamp and conference, started by Marion Marschalek and organized by and for women in InfoSec. This year's Blackhoodie is taking place between 16th and 18th of November. We encourage talks and workshops submissions by all women, especially first-time speakers and trainers.

Submission Guidelines

  • "But I've never spoken at a conference before!"

Submit a talk and come try it then! The audience is super friendly and an ideal stage to start giving talks at conferences.

  • "But I don't work on anything interesting/good enough/technical enough"

That is not for you to judge! Just submit, otherwise you'll never know for sure. ;)

Besides, you will have constructive feedbacks (/mentoring) regarding your submission so this might be a good opportunity to improve it.

  • "Hell, a talk is super long, I don't have enough content for that..."

On stage, 20 minutes is actually super short but if you're really not confident enough, go for a lightning talk and make us want to know more about your subject!

Topics we are interested in (but not limited to):

  • Malware analysis
  • System Internals
  • Virtualization
  • Reverse engineering techniques / tooling
  • Binary analysis

We are looking for short talks of 20 minutes, longer talks of 40 minutes and lightning talks of 5 to 10 minutes. Workshops duration are up to the trainer but we encourage slots of either half a day (~3/4h) or a full day (~7h).

The submissions will be accepted until August, 15th. Talks and workshops will be selected and announced on September, 1st.

Note that this is a free event so, we can't reimburse travel or accommodation costs for speakers. All the fun is shared with the attendees (even the "speakers dinner")!

Please submit here.

We are all very much looking forward to it!

Blackhoodie Committee


This year's edition, Blackhoodie #4 will be held in Berlin, Germany inside the Here HQ (InvalidenstraƟe 116) between 16th and 18th of November.


If you have ANY questions about submissions, conference, blackhoodie and so on, feel free to check or contact ANY of us. You can also send us an e-mail.